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Tumble Tower – Dev Log # 3 – TEST ‘TIL IT’S BEST!

Game, Tumble Tower, Game Development, Dev Logs

It’s Saturday! … Yeah I forgot to do the Dev Log yesterday. I’m just the worst. So what’s been happening this week: Well sadly for me there isn’t a lot of new art to show off, because mostly it was UI touch up’s and fixes and some content we’re wanting to hold onto for release....

Tumble Tower – Dev Log # 2 – UI and Graphic Upgrades

Game, Tumble Tower, Game Development, Dev Logs

Wow it’s been a long time posting for this game! There is so much to talk about in this Dev Log, and so little time! As we mentioned in last week’s post, we’re now back to the Weekly Format of releasing Dev Logs. Of course, we posted that one on Thursday because it was an Easter Weekend he...

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