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Tumble Tower – Dev Log # 3 – TEST ‘TIL IT’S BEST!

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It’s Saturday! … Yeah I forgot to do the Dev Log yesterday. I’m just the worst. So what’s been happening this week: Well sadly for me there isn’t a lot of new art to show off, because mostly it was UI touch up’s and fixes and some content we’re wanting to hold onto for release. But here, it’s a self-gratuitous shot from last week instead! Next up, I’ve had the distinct pleasure (sense the sarcasm) of doing all the boring behind the scenes stuff that’s necessary for release. Making sure the store pages look good, preparing press releases, marketing, etc. The good news however, is that we’ve begun the process of acquiring official testers! If you’d like your hands on a BETA version of the game, and some goodies as reward for when the game is released, along with your name mentioned as a tester in the credits, you can get in touch either with me, @DalriadaConnor on Twitter, or @RealDalriada and after we take a few details we’ll add you to the list! @DalriadaNick has been very hard at work with the programming of the game, making sure it runs smoothly, and can be as bug-free as possible. He’s managed to reduce the overall file-size by about two thirds just by optimising the art files and the way in which they’re called and used. It looks seriously gorgeous now and ready for shipping, but of course we want that extra time to make sure the game is actually fun and exciting and goes off without a hitch come launch time! We can’t wait for you all to get your hands on this game and let us know what you think! Until next time… -@DalriadaConnor

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