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Tumble Tower – Dev Log # 2 – UI and Graphic Upgrades

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Wow it’s been a long time posting for this game! There is so much to talk about in this Dev Log, and so little time! As we mentioned in last week’s post, we’re now back to the Weekly Format of releasing Dev Logs. Of course, we posted that one on Thursday because it was an Easter Weekend here in Scotland (meaning the offices are shut) so we’re already all out of whack releasing this one on Friday! Anyway… what’ve we been upto? New Map Packs Added! Remember last week when we showed the comparison between our art assets throughout the development? Well we added two more (what I think are even more amazing) map packs into the game, that can be unlocked via coins or winning them on rare occasion via the wheel of fortune! I think these two new maps in particular really show off how varied the game will and can look based on your own style of play – the game looks like a reflection of yourself. At launch, there will be plenty of maps to choose from through play, but we’ll be continually adding more. Feel free to tweet me (the artist) if you have a great idea you’d love to see! – @DalriadaConnor UI OVERHAUL In keeping with our graphical enhancements, we also assessed how we were doing our UI – and quite frankly , while there was nothing terribly horrible with it, it just wasn’t great. We could do better. It’s still not finished, in fact the big ugly number for a rank will be replaced with some swanky looking icons that we’ll show off at a later date, but already you can see the massive difference between our old and new UI system. Take a look at our inventory screen for instance:
Old Inventory System
New Inventory System
While there are still improvements to be made (including getting rid of that hideous text at the top) you can see that the screen itself looks so much more concise and way less cluttered. It looks streamlined, and the icons are self explanatory – but even if they aren’t, their briefly mentioned in the tutorial phase anyway. Next up, our Start Screen! Old Start Screen New Start Screen I love this as not only is the UI massively different, but the new backgrounds were changed too! As you can see, the number and name is still there, but this is changing, just not this past week. We feel like this is a pretty massive change tot he UI – the clutter reduction is just huge, with everything ordered as you would expect it to, and easy to “snap” to. Instead of that ugly squinted “Quests” button, it’s been replaced with the icon you see at the top, and if you have a new quest or quests available, it’ll flash! Quests are updated daily and weekly by the way, so there’s always a new way to try playing our game. Old Map Pack Menu New Map Pack Inventory And yet again, here’s another great example of how we took something that wasn’t exactly broken, it could just look better. I think we absolutely blew it away with this menu in particular. Love it. Besides Art, the main crux of the game is done, now it’s a matter of playtesting the hell out of the game to find bugs, and tweaking a few of the mechanics before the launch in a few weeks! As always, you can get in touch with us, either the company @DalriadaGames or me personally @DalriadaConnor if you’d like to be a playtester for our game, seeing it before the release! It’ll come with perks including early access to content before it arrives, and special thank you bonuses and icons once the game is released. On that note; What more would you like to see? Is there anything in particular you’d like to hear about with regards to the process? Always feel free to ask us questions, and as always, you can learn more about all that we’re doing at Have a great week guys!

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