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Starward - Release Date 4th of May - OUT NOW!

Starward is the first completely self-funded project by Dalriada Games.

Starward takes place in the not too distant future where the Earth is under impending threat as our Sun releases its solar flares aggressively towards the planet, destroying everything in its path.

It's up to the player to transport citizens, resources, and warnings to life supporting planets in surrounding galaxies before the supernova explodes. 

With fuel running low, they have to make use of the pendulum effect to throw their vessel into nearby planet bodies and use that gravitational effect to alter the vessels direction and reach the end destinations.

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Starward - Release Date 4th of May - OUT NOW!

The Earth is under impending threat from the Sun's exponentially growing Solar Flare's. The scientists of the world have collaborated together to accelerate the Space Race industry, but continuous in-fighting has divided the continents up as each corner of the globe strives to survive.

They discover that travelling there manually would take too long, our planet would be rendered inhospitable long before then - so the technology for giant space catapults that enables faster than light travel has to be developed. 

Space vessels can enter the field of effect that the catapults radiate and they will be propelled millions of light years in seconds, and only have to navigate the final moments manually. However, the fuel needed to power their latest space vessels is in such sparse supply, we have to utilize the power of a planet bodies gravitational arc to reach the final destination. 

You are in charge of the last space vessel in Earth's last ditch effort to save the human race. You must command the brave men and women who will explore the great expanse of space to find suitable new habbitble planets and ensure they are suitable equipped to survive the harshness.


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